Planning Your Project

From the initial consultation, our design team evaluates your needs. The architectural elements, space relationships, traffic flow, time schedule, and budget are all addressed. Conceptual designs are presented as preliminary sketches evolving to final drawings.

Final drawings are dimensionally correct and contain color and material suggestions and specifications.


In simple terms, wayfinding is a system of identifying spaces so that an unfamiliar environment becomes one that is easily navigable. Whether guiding visitors, residents, customers or employees, a clear and well-designed wayfinding system is essential in every facility. Important rooms and spaces are identified, decision points are carefully thought out, directions are supplied and the site lines are studied for maximum readability. At Art Form Signs and Lighting, Inc. we thoughtfully and thoroughly plan interior signage to meet all ADA, fire code, and life safety requirements, as well as to be helpful and concise, keeping all personnel informed, aware, and at ease in your facility.

  • Multi-family Properties
  • Mixed-use Projects
  • Resorts/Hotels
  • Office Towers
  • Hospitals
  • Casinos

Message Schedule

For each project, we provide a detailed message schedule on the floor plan with a number to number correspondence to a list of signs, coded to designate between those required by the ADA and fire departments, those most helpful in directing all personnel, and those additional signs that give your building it’s unique character.

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